“On Matters Of Style, Swim With The Current,
On Matters Of Principle, Stand Like A Rock.”

Thomas Jefferson

Lanuto is the first to challenge usPolice Officer Matthew Rork

AT 7:00 P.M. July 1, 2008, Ramsey Police attack our family peaceably at home, just eight seconds after one says to another, “You know who this is, right?” “Yeah,” exploiting the long sought opportunity of a revenge call they knew had come from the Chicago suburbs, a thousand miles away.

In this video Police are seen walking up to our quiet home, whom I greet to inquire of the reason for their presence, asking “what happened.” There is no yelling, no screaming in greeting them, only a placid “what happened?” in direct contravention of Police Officer Anthony Fiore claim that “he came out yelling and screaming.”

Police invade. It is gruesome. Then they lie.

On completion of their mission: “let’s pull that tape,” destroying their dashcam evidence of their attack; “let’s notify Johnson,” Johnson, Director of the Office of Attorney Ethics, a fact not normally known among police absent a premeditation; under auspices of Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli, who then elevated this Ramsey rookie to his own Office.

“If a tree does not fall in the woods,
with no one there to hear it,
does it make a silence?”
  • The police dashcam mvr recording that was pointed in the direction of the house, the only mvr that actually captured the truth of the visual of the incident, contrary to Molinelli’s written policy directive (linked): missing.
  • Any investigation ensuing our family’s march into the office of the County Prosecutor the following morning for complaint against these police crimes, armed only with truth, without availing of counsel, through metal detectors, surveillance cameras, enduring two hours under still more cameras in an interview room with Jean Galda and Lt. Amendola, missing.
  • May 14, 2009 I hand delivered a formal written complaint to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, Newark, New Jersey, filed as instructed by and with copy to the Justice Department, Civil Rights Division in Washington D.C., to have been investigated by the Office of the United States Attorney, under then U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, himself a member of the infamous Samson Crime Family. In stark contrast to the Civil Rights Division’s encouraging interest in the matter, the Christie investigation fell also into silent oblivion, missing.
  • Police rehearsed their script written by Peter Scandariato, Ramsey Boro’s lawyer, then they perform it with municipal prosecutor Andrew Samson, son of convicted crime figure David Samson, to the gleeful applause of the local municipal court judge, Roy McGeady, blissfully suppressing the science, incontroverted scientific evidence demonstrating the falsity of police testimony, ruling lies fact. Pigs do fly, rules McGeady. The truth, missing.
  • My lawyer, the late Wiliam H. Buckman, sat sheepishly on his hands under threat of Molinelli’s prosecution of his investigator Richard Rivera for having earlier recorded still more Police misconduct the night of February 8, 2009 while investigating this case. Defense counsel, missing.
  • Despite the freedom to lie with impunity, police still tripped themselves like keystone cops. So the transcript of those hearings, produced by the court’s stenographer, then falsely sanitized their lies, while the recordings of the four (4) days of court proceedings that would have proven the falsity of the transcript also go missing, all missing.
All truth, missing.

All evidence made gone missing, to leave the blank canvas upon which to paint the lies to lie unfettered by fact; lies designed to sabotage appeal, a review of whether law has been correctly applied to fact in a process which leaves determination of fact to the lower court, McGeady,

Peter Scandariato sought to shield his client, Ramsey Boro, from the civil liability arising from such egregious violations of Federal Civil Rights laws, the Constitution. The mayor, Chris Botta, a lawyer, himself, had landed lucrative defense work from the municipal joint self-insurance fund, the JIF, that would have paid the damages. City hall was determined to keep its loss history low.

Ramsey had earlier worked through Jack Aresenault , my previous attorney, to try to prevail upon me to concede a stipulation of probable cause, a false concession immunizing their conduct. Aresenault and attorney Deborah Factor, who got along famously with Ramsey’s Chief Of Crime, Bryan Gurney and Ramsey’s Boro Attorney Scandariat tried, and tried. Aresenault was doing excellent work, for Ramsey, at my expense. They realized they had to work much harder at it here, that as a lawyer, myself, I would not be so easily plied by co- opting my lawyer. I wanted truth. I would decide.

Civil rights lawyer Scott Korenbaum, a New Jersey resident, dismissed “administratively” my Federal suit without my consent or even knowledge. He informed me of this only after it was too late to resurrect, refusing my calls since.

Justice is evaded. Lies remain.

Ramsey P.O. Matthew Rork is recorded having said it best, himself, “We do this all the time.” Cooking those books has been so notoriously rampant in New Jersey that the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) had to take over to supervise the State Police on their findings of systemic racial profiling in violation of Federal law, with systemic lying to cover it up.

It happens. One would be naïve in believing otherwise. Two or more persons agreeing on a concert of action to achieve a desired result: conspiracy, part of human nature. The infamous smoke filled back room, where the fate of a human being can be decided; it does exist. I have sat in it. They do it all the time.

Police do not lie alone; it is impossible. New Jersey has gotten away with the racial profiling so obvious for so long only with the willfully conspiratorial complicity of a palpably corrupt judiciary, without whom it would have been impossible not only to exist, but without whose complicity it would have been impossible to have reached such levels of depravity requiring DOJ takeover of the New Jersey apparatus of law. That requires distinction; impossible to achieve without help. And by consent decree, no less, the equivalent of pleading guilty for a reduced sentence. It happens. “We do this all the time,” says Rork.

A seemingly innocuous illustration, from long before those days when I would gain the special insight I did as I sat in those smoke filled back rooms, is telling of an open air secret obvious to all who is honest of sight. I was a spirited young college student fighting a speeding ticket in the Ridgefield Park Municipal Court, before The Truly Honorable Joseph Greaney, Municipal Court Judge. Judge Greaney interrupted the calendar as State Police bring in a prisoner, in chains, he was black: the only black defendant in the courtroom; the only defendant in chains. New Jersey State Police, white, had stopped him while driving on Interstate Highway Route 80. Judge Greaney queried the basis of the stop: “illegal lane change,” the white State Police replied as the reason for having stopped the black man, with that imprimatur of honesty and truthfulness given by that badge of the State delegating the power of the people for the protection of the people, of all the people. After Court I found myself in the corridor with an angry Judge Greaney, livid with State Police for the lie, for expecting him to believe the falsity of the basis of that stop of a black man. “I make illegal lane changes all the time and no one stops me,” said Judge Greaney, a bastion of judicial honesty. Judge Greaney was that rare judge who made a young man proudly aspire to enter the law. We became friends.

State Police in his courtroom that evening were not accustomed to finding such integrity, their expectations demonstrating the willful complicity to which they were accustomed to finding elsewhere; that complicity among judges and prosecutors that emboldened them further still, to lie; to lie to the point of having been taken over for supervision by the Federal DOJ. Racial profiling could not have been successful if it encountered a Judge Greaney in the courtroom. It is only by a thoroughly engrained culture permitting pervasive police lying in knowingly complicit courtrooms, the corrupt McGeadys, that racial profiling has succeeded and that all the lying in all the ghastly state abuses succeed under that “good housekeeping” seal of court approval.

As Rork said, “We do this all the time.” Yes, they do, in fact, do this all the time, lie; lie with help, with the help of the State and all its machinery, its prosecutors and, worst of all, with the help of the courts, the judiciary, those to whom our society entrusts the role of impartial arbiters of truth and justice, to be that check on the natural tendency for abuse by those with the power to so abuse, the state, by its police. Injustice by rule: the most contemptible of crime.

“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first”

Thomas Jefferson

That fundamental question of whether abuse of power shall stand or fall depends on no more than the judge adjudicating it: whether before a one Truly Honorable Joseph Greaney or a Mere McGeady. The DOJ takeover of New Jersey Police is a condemnation of the judiciary, the criminal complicity of the McGeady courts that enable the abuse, more than it is a condemnation of Police. It is a testament to that triumph of lies endemically enabling proliferation of state abuse of power in those Mere McGeady Courts; that Mere McGeady Court, that bred the systemic racial profiling requiring DOJ takeover, that same court that exalted the lies in this case, without which this injustice could not have stood. Both these spectacles of lies were produced by the same theatre company: Mere McGeady Courts.

My lawyer Buckman knew of all this. He had brought the case that finally acknowledge that blatancy of racial profiling; that which Judge McGeady and all the rest of New Jersey had always known, but that the McGeady Courts had always pretended did not exist, where pigs fly. In the famous Soto case Buckman had a name to make for himself. It is the trading upon that name then from which a lawyer profits; it is precisely the reason he had been hired here. Unlike Soto, here Buckman had no opportunity of achieving any new fame, only a fee, which he already collected, in full; with no incentive for having his investigator prosecuted by Molinelli; no reason for justice here, just a fee.

The machinery that gave us unabashed racial profiling, the inebriated cocktail of corruption that produced Bridgegate, EnCap, Xanadu and more is the same machinery that produced the theatre of this case, where pigs fly.

A liar lies, the court pretends its truth. Fight city hall?
One might say, let rest this miniscule matter, albeit false it is still only a disorderly offense, little more than a traffic ticket, it is not a crime, one might say.
It gets worse.

Late in the afternoon of March 2, 2015 I am threatened. Never in my life had I been threatened. No one I knew would issue a threat. As threats might go, this one was bizarre. A personage I knew only by telephone relaying a message from yet another with demand for apology, a vague reference to “fat boy,” threatening, among other things, “they” would attack my license to practice law. About 3:00 P.M. March 6 th the same personage seeks me for a conference call with “some interesting people.”15 minutes later my wife and I are struck in an automobile accident, inches from fatal. I do not know the provenance of the accident. Additional detail of these threats must be withheld from this writing.

Only weeks later, after years dormant, New Jersey Office Of Attorney Ethics (“OAE”), for the first time in my decades of licensure, writes of taking action against my license to practice law. Then as I find myself in my ailing mother’s hospital room in the throes of life decisions for the removal of her life threatening brain tumor, OAE deliberately choose that precise moment of that August afternoon to call my cellular telephone, after intimidating my appellate lawyer, William Graves, Esq. into providing them with my private cellular telephone number, on a matter that had collected dust for eight years, unwittingly leaving a telling eight minutes recording of the giddy laughter between these two women, one of whom made the telephone call, while the other would later lie on the record of their proceeding.

OAE denied my request for a hearing at which I I sought to demonstrate truth with witnesses, evidence, science. OAE said no. They proceeded without affording me a hearing on the facts, Christina Blundy adding still more lies to the record in response to questions of fact which the panel was, in fact, interested in hearing, despite OAE denial, and which Blundy was all too happy to offer, herself. In response to the question of the reason for the matter to have been brought before the Board at all, especially after so many years, she responded, ‘I don’t know. I was just handed the file.” She had been handed the file, inexplicably immediately following the threat of March, 2015, after eight years dormant, in a matter of no import to public safety or the honesty of a lawyer.

Ignoring the objection of one of its own panel members, the Board issued a reprimand, for that which never occurred. The reprimand was published in an article falsely depicting the truth as seen below:


It is said a lie travels halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on, growing like rolling tumbleweed. One can be quietly at home with family, a maliciously corrupt police can attack, then a protectively corrupt judiciary moves the levers of state to falsely depict him, in a newspaper article, for all to believe; after all, would police and judges lie?

Boots on, the plethora of available evidence, all that which has survived police destruction, all documents, recordings and all else generated in this matter I am posting online for transparency of fact. Anything not posted is only because police and judiciary destruction made sure could never be seen.

I am aware this truthful irreverence risks retribution: a false traffic stop or home invasion, a “furtive” movement drawing fire, or newly contrived ethics charges: contempt of corruption. So be it. One cannot revere the contemptible.

“It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”


Here is truth:
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